What you need to know

  • Andy Rubin teased on Twitter the Essential Phone could make a return.
  • He responded to an Essential Phone fan on Twitter and told him to "hang tight."
  • The Essential Phone was discontinued in 2018.

We've long thought the Essential Phone to be dead since Essential cancelled it last December, but hings appear to be changing.

Out of the blue, Andy Rubin took to Twitter to reply to a fan's 10-month old tweet by teasing the announcement of a new Essential Phone. He told the Essential Phone user to "hang tight," basically confirming that there is a new Essential Phone in the works.


Looking at the tweet, there's not a lot of information. But if the Essential Phone wasn't set to make a comeback, why else would Andy Rubin put the tweet out into the world?

The Essential Phone proved to be a trail blazing Android smartphone, coming up with the one of the first (and best) implementations of the notch months before the iPhone X made it fashionable. There was also the modular functionality, high-end design, and streamlined software that truly brought Android to life. Overall, it was one of the best Android smartphones you could buy.

It looked to be a viable Android flagship before Essential began to run into problems, ultimately leading to demise of the sequel. However, the Essential Phone looks to be making a comeback.

Information is still limited, but we'll keep an eye out for anything new that Andy Rubin and Essential may announce and pass it along.