Jasper Byrne, the developer of the 2D indie horror hit Lone Survivor, is back to work on his RPG inspired by the Dark Souls franchise. It’s been a project that has come in and out of development as Byrne has already canceled it once, but much like a good Souls game, failure is no reason to give up.

This mysterious game, only known as PRDXCL, obviously has a hold on Byrne that he can’t let go of. He gave up work on it to port Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut to other platforms, but now that that game is available across the board, he has the time to work on PRDXCL once again. New screenshots have popped up on his Tumblr and Twitter accounts, showing a vast improvement in style and atmosphere since its cancellation.

He began working on it in 2012 as a “Soulsian” game with a pixelated style, and you can see the original shots in his development blog. Not a bad overhaul, huh?

We’ve had no word from Byrne if he is indeed working on it again, but I’m keeping it on my radar a least. In addition to Dark Souls, the isometric camera and pixelated graphics remind me a lot of Alundra, an all-time favorite of mine I just pushed through. I’d like to see a title and official confirmation of it before I get too excited.