London Blitz Map

History books and old news reels always speak to the horrors of how intense the London Blitz was, but thanks to a new map created by Bomb Sight, you can now see it for yourself.

Between Oct. 7, 1940 and June 6, 1941, London was bombed almost nightly by the Germans in an effort to break the spirit of England, a country that Hitler desperately wanted to invade. The London Blitz as it came to be known took the lives of 40,000 and rendered 1.4 million people homeless, but yet England stood its ground.

Up until now it has been difficult to comprehend just how massive the bombing was, but Bomb Sight has cataloged each and every bomb that hit London over that eight month span, and has now placed all of them on an interactive map that you can view at its site as well as through an Android app. Not the most cheerful of things to look at, but perhaps awe inspiring that any country could withstand a bombing campaign of this magnitude on its capital and now have wanted to throw in the towel.