Motorola is currently testing its Lollipop update for the 2013 Moto X and says that it will begin a public rollout “in a few weeks” providing all goes well. The company is blaming the delay on a lack of support from some of its partners.

“I know that a lot of people have been asking about the status of the Moto X (1st Gen) Lollipop upgrade,” said Motorola’s Senior Director of Software Product Management, David Schuster, in a Google+ post. “I can see the frustration and in some cases the anger about how long it has taken to get the upgrade deployed.”

“It has been a struggle due to the lack of support from some of our partners but I am glad to announce that we are starting TestDrive in both the US and LatAm,” Schuster continued. “If all goes well we should start full deployments in a few weeks.”

Motorola has been fairly quick to deliver Lollipop to more recent devices, including the 2014 Moto X and the latest Moto G, which has only made the wait even more painful for owners of the original Moto X. But there is some good news.

Schuster has previously confirmed that the 2013 Moto X will be updated directly to Android 5.1 — skipping Android 5.0 and other Lollipop releases — which will include all of Google’s latest Android features, including HD Voice for carriers that support it, and greater control over notifications.