Oh boy, this is too funny. T-Mobile is offering a free year of AT&T’s DirecTV Now service if you switch from AT&T and open a line on T-Mobile. Yes, it’s offering one of its competitor’s products at no charge just so that you switch networks. The deal will be available beginning tomorrow, December 16.

T-Mobile offered up a few jabs at AT&T in its announcement, even going so far as to say customers should be using DirecTV Now on “a faster, more advanced LTE network.” T-Mobile also added the service to Binge On, which means you’ll be able to stream it without worrying about hitting data caps. AT&T doesn’t count content played across DirecTV Now against its data caps, either.

You’ll still need to sign up for DirecTV Now and pay $35 a month for the service, but T-Mobile is offering that back in a monthly bill credit for 12 months, so long as you keep your lines active. Keep in mind, though, you can use DirecTV Now on a variety of devices, not just phones. Install it on your Apple TV at home and stream to your heart’s content.

Is DirecTV Now worth the switch, though?

I’m still on the fence with DirecTV Now. I paid for three months of service to take advantage of the free Apple TV deal, which basically pays for itself. Still, I’ve been inconvenienced by service interruptions, wish that AT&T adopted HBO Now instead of HBO Go, and long for Roku and PS4 support, the latter of which may never arrive. I expect the service interruptions to stop soon, so if the other problems don’t affect you, give DirecTV Now a go while AT&T is still offering a special on a package with more than 100 channels for just $35 a month.