When it comes to great work accessories, Logitech has the game on lockdown. From its best-in-class mice to its fantastic keyboards, you can't go wrong with Logitech's arsenal of options.

That's the pedigree the Logitech Zone Wireless Headset comes from. They are the next evolution of past Logitech headphones meant for an office setting but throw in the added benefit of noise cancellation and even wireless charging.

So how do they stack up? For headphones in an office setting, they are surprisingly helpful in creating a more zen experience.

A new kind of zen

Logitech Zone Wireless Headphones

Noisy offices will be a thing of the past

Logitech aims to completely change the way people work in a open office with the Zone Wireless headphones. And with features like noise cancellation and wireless charging, Logitech might just do that.

The Good

  • Wireless charging
  • Good build quality
  • Great battery life
  • Mic is easily muted

The Bad

  • Noise cancellation is okay
  • Not very comfortable

Zone Wireless Headphones What I like

As someone who has worked in an office setting for multiple years, I've been subject to many moments where the office becomes distractingly loud. So I saw the merit of the Logitech Zone Wireless right away. This way, you are in control of the noise you hear by blocking it off whenever it gets too distracting.

The biggest feature offered by the Zone Wireless Headphones is noise cancellation, which works surprisingly well. Unlike higher end options from Bose (QC35 II) or Sony (WH1000MX3), this particular set of headphones toes the line between offering a fair amount of noise cancellation without cutting you off from your surroundings.

Most minor noises do get eliminated, including keyboard feedback on a standard keyboard. Ambient noise is also curtailed, but you can still hear when a co-worker comes up and talks to you. Overall, it made the experience much more pleasant.

The noise cancellation works great. I could still hear some feedback, but it was definitely reduced.

I don't work in an office anymore, but I am subject to a lot of ambient noise at home since I live near a busy street. Lots of loud cars zooming around and horns blaring. But the noise cancellation greatly reduces outside annoyances.

Logitech also designed the headphones with ease-of-use in mind. There's a play/pause button that also answers calls, volume up and volume down, and a mic that can be muted either by lifting it up or tapping the mute button. In fact, the headphones will let you know when they have been muted through the built-in voice feedback that sounds like a real person.

On the other side of the headphones lives the second most intriguing feature of the Zone Wireless Headphones: wireless charging. You can actually wirelessly charge these headphones by placing them on a Qi-enabled charger. As someone who is fully immersed in wireless charging, I found this feature incredibly useful. Plugging in wires just seems antiquated at this point, though just about every pair of Bluetooth headphones still need to be plugged in.

If you aren't someone who uses wireless charging much, then you can charge via the MicroUSB port. I'd prefered to see USB-C, but I'll take wireless charging with the trade off any day.

The last part that really impressed was battery life. Logitech says the headphones have a 15-hour battery, and that proved to be the case for me. I managed to squeeze out about 14.5 hours over two days as I usually have them on from the time I start work to the time I finish.

Zone Wireless Headphones What I don't like

Though the headphones look modern, I did not find their on-ear design particularly comfortable. But then again, I am not a big on-ear fan.

My ears got hot right away and I was never really able to truly feel comfortable wearing them. I didn't find this to be the case using other over-the-hear headphones from Sony. Again, I must preface that I am not a fan of on-ear headphones. Many people won't have a problem with this design and will enjoy the feel of the headphones.

I must say, aside from that one gripe, the Zone Wireless Headphones were more impressive that I anticipated. Sure, the noise cancellation is not on a par with other headphones, but if you truly want some noise cancelling headphones, just spring for those. Bear in mind that those alternatives cost upwards of $350, if not more.

Logitech's new headphones are a happy medium that fit nicely into an office setting.

Zone Wireless Headphones Should you buy them?

Truth be told, the Logitech's Zone Wireless Headphones are not for everyone. They are for a few select people who are into this distinct look, with the added benefit of noise cancellation. If that is not something you are looking for, then you'd be better off with some AirPods or Sony WH1000MX3.

4 out of 5

If you are in that category, then these headphones will work great for you. The mic works great for phone calls, which also delivers fantastic audio feedback to whoever you talk to. Noise cancellation will deliver a much better office experience and wireless charging is a step into the future.

A new kind of zen

Logitech Zone Wireless Headphones

Noisy offices will be a thing of the past

Logitech aims to completely change the way people work in a open office with the Zone Wireless headphones. And with features like noise cancellation and wireless charging, this headset might just do that.

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