With everything about Google TV finally coming to be common knowledge, Logitech has made a big announcement about its streaming device that you can add to any existing TV, the Revue.

While a lot of people have focused on the Sony televisions that will come with Google TV built-in, Logitech has been putting its efforts into a stand-alone device that you can add to any existing HDMI-ready television set.  The revue is set to make Internet fiends drool, but will it be a hit with your every day Joe?

revueOne of the biggest issues for the Revue is going to be its price. For $299.99 ($179.99 for Dish Network subscribers), you're going to get the Revue streaming box, a large keyboard, an HDMI cable, one IR blaster and a some AA batteries.  If you wish to get the keyboard by itself for another Google TV device, that will set you back $99.

If you're worried about a large keyboard being in your family room at all times, join the club.  Sadly you can't pick up the Revue without it because there will be apps for all of the various iOS devices as well as Android phones, and there will also be a mini keyboard available for $129.99.

Where this device gets interesting/confusing is the webcam you can purchase for it.  The cam will sell for $149.99 and will allow for video conferencing up to 720P, but there is no real word on what other systems it will work with.  Will both parties have o have Google TV?  Will it work with Skype or Google Talk?  Not sure yet, but it could be interesting.

As it stands the Revue sounds interesting, but I worry about the $299.99 price tag scaring people off.  Google TV is an unknown quantity in the consumer electronics field right now, and dropping three hundred dollars on something people may not fully understand what it does is a lot to ask of someone.  Yes, it sounds intriguing to me, and I can't wait to try one out, but it isn't me that Logitech needs to convince, it's the people who shop at Best Buy and Walmart.

What say you?  Are you interested in the Revue?