Anyone who’s given a presentation, whether at school or work, knows how hard they can be. To captivate your audience, you have to be confident yet calm, informative yet accessible, entertaining yet serious. You get the idea.

While learning to become a successful presenter takes practice, Logitech has announced a new remote, dubbed Spotlight, that should make your next presentation much easier.

“For most, the main stumbling block is a lack of confidence—we just get nervous,” said Marcel Stolk, senior vice president of the Creativity and Productivity business group at Logitech. “Spotlight is easier to use and, most importantly, gives you new ways to engage your audience versus a hard-to-see laser pointer.”

Spotlight is a tall, slender remote (it looks like it was designed for a set-top box) that fits comfortably in the hand, featuring just three buttons that are programmable thanks to software built specifically for the remote. If you’ve ever used a Logitech device—the MX Master is a good one to check out—you know how endlessly customizable its products can be. Spotlight is no different.

Out of the box, Spotlight’s primary focus is allowing users to easily control slides in their presentation. If there’s something you want to emphasize, the remote can highlight and magnify content. It comes in handy when you want to bring attention to specific sales figures, or if you want to highlight a route on an upcoming trip.

Other features include a cursor to play videos, a timer with a vibration alert, and a rechargeable battery, which support USB-C. Spotlight can be connected to a Windows or Mac over Bluetooth or an included dongle, with support for PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, PDF, and Prezi.

It’s TED approved

Because of its simplicity, Spotlight has become the official remote of the Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) conference, a non-profit media organization that spreads “ideas worth sharing.”

“We know how important reliable technology is for helping speakers feel confident on stage,” explained Lisa Choi Owens, head of global partnerships at TED. “Using technologies like Logitech Spotlight allows our speakers to focus on their talks, and deliver ideas worth spreading.”

As part of the partnership, Logitech and TED are launching a worldwide search for people to participate in a presentation academy in New York. Participants will get the opportunity to work with industry experts, Logitech said, who will help winners enhance their presentation skills.

If you’ve ever seen a captivating presentation—check out any Apple event led by the late Steve Jobs—you know how valuable these skills can be. Spotlight won’t turn you into the next Steve Jobs but it should help the next time you have to pitch a VC when you want funding for your app.

The Logitech Spotlight is available today exclusively at Apple for $129, with wider retail availability to come in March.