Logitech is jumping into the wireless headphone market with the introduction of the Zone Wireless headphones.

Unlike the headphones it offers through its G offshoot that specifically focuses on gaming, this new pair of headphones is directly from Logitech and is aimed at its main demographic: office professionals.

The Logitech Zone Wireless headphones bring some of the popular features in traveling headsets and puts them in a headset that is designed for an open office space, such as noise cancellation. Logitech designed the headset to look sleek and stealthy, and its on-ear design made of protein leatherette promise a super comfortable fit for hours on end.

Logitech equipped the headphones with Bluetooth 5, which means they can connect with two devices at once, and include an adjustable microphone with a dedicated mute switch. On the side of an ear cup, it has physical controls for adjusting volume and play and pausing music or answering and rejecting calls.

There are two main selling points to the Zone Wireless, the first being active noise cancellation (ANC). This feature is most prominent in traveling headsets like the Bose QC35 or Sony WH1000XM3. Using the microphones around the headsets and an algorithm, it completely blocks out background noise that can be distracting. This, Logitech believes, will lead to a more productive workflow.

The other prominent selling feature is true wireless charging. Dropping one ear cup on a Qi wireless charger will easily and seamlessly charge up the headset to the full 15-hour battery capacity. This almost makes up for the inclusion of microUSB over USB-C.

Logitech fills out the functionality of the Zone Wireless with the integration of a new app that makes the headphones completely customizable. You can adjust EQ, create custom profiles, check battery and download firmware updates.

In connection with the Zone Wireless, Logitech is also introducing a new USB receiver, similar to its Unifying receivers, that will work with the new headphones and other Logitech products like their keyboards and mice. You'll have the ability to connect up to six devices with this USB dongle in case you want another option besides Bluetooth. However, it will only be available with the Logitech Zone Wireless Plus variant that will cost $50 more than the regular Bluetooth-only version.

The Logitech Zone Wireless headphones will go on sale April 30 for $199. The Zone Wireless Plus with Unifying Receiver will go on sale in June for $249.

Cancel Noise

Logitech Zone Wireless Headset

Noisy offices will be a thing of the past

Logitech aims to completely change the way people work in a open office with the Zone Wireless headphones. And with features like noise cancellation and wireless charging, this headset might just do that.

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