Logitech Tablet KeyboardLogitech has decided that just carrying around your tablet is no longer good enough, so it’s time you added some accessories to that ultra-portable device. The company has announced a keyboard, mouse and speakers that will work with your iPad or Android tablets via Bluetooth.

As was already well known, the various iPad models can work with Bluetooth devices, and there have already been numerous keyboards out there, including one from Apple, that will work with the popular tablet.  The latest to launch from Logitech features a protective case that doubles as a stand for the tablet when you’re typing away.  You can put the tablet into landscape or portrait mode depending on your preference.  You can pick it up starting in May for $69.99.  There will also be a different model for Android tablets, and it is expected to release around the same time and for the same price.

Logitech Wireless Speaker z515Next up is the Logitech Wireless Speaker z515 while release in June for $99.99.  There isn’t that much to get excited about when it comes to speakers, but a potential of 50 feet operating distance (depending on conditions) from your iPad, it’ll be nice to get up and move around the room if need be.  In theory, fire up Pandora, and if someone wants to go in the next room to check email with it, you should be able to keep listening while they do other tasks.  Not that horrible of an idea.

Logitech Tablet Mouse for AndroidThe last of the new tablet related products to be announced is an Android-specific Bluetooth mouse.  While we can see some uses to the keyboard and speakers, the mouse has got us scratching our heads a bit.  Yes, it’s more familiar than the touch interface, and it would also keep you from having to reach so far up, but is it really that much of a hassle?  Considering it will retail for $49.99, this is definitely a product we have to tilt our heads a little bit to figure out if it would even remotely be worth it.

Of course all of this makes you have to think about the nature of tablets and are you willing to give up the mobility they provide you with for slightly easier typing and something else to carry around with you all day.  The speakers I can see as you can leave them in one room or on your desk as you walk around, but the keyboard and mouse are a bit more questionable.

What do you think?  Are you interested in adding any accessories such as these to your tablet?