Over the past few years, it has become a lot easier to sign up for a new service without ever needing to set up a new account. Instead, you can usually login through your Google, Facebook or even Twitter account. Now Amazon’s jumping into the game with its own login service, though for now it’s only available on Kindle Fire tablets.

Starting today, apps and websites running on a Kindle Fire can offer the option to login with an existing Amazon account. Once you’ve logged in, your personal information comes with you, helping each new app cater to your preferences. Amazon will also support payments, ads and other personalized features. The service is currently available for the Kindle Fire HDX 7, the HDX 8.9 and the HD 7.

By introducing Login with Amazon, the retail giant is subtly moving into a new arena where it can push back against some of its biggest rivals in the never-ending fight over customer data. The company has a big advantage over its competition though. Unlike Facebook and Google, which offer free services, Amazon boasts millions of paying customers, making its own data potentially more valuable to smaller sites who can choose which login options to offer.