As has become tradition in Hollywood—with comic book movies in particular—Logan will have a post-credits scene, according to multiple reports.

When the film was screened for critics a few weeks ago, apparently no extra content was shown, leading people to believe Fox wouldn’t further the beloved trend. However, reports from around the internet now claim Fox does have something extra to show, the studio just wanted to save it for the movie’s release.

That’s great news for fans, because it cuts back on potential spoilers.

Over at Collider, the site says reports about there being a post-credits scene are true.

“Forget the rumors… I can confirm it’s true,” Collider said. “When Logan is released on March 3, it’ll have a post-credits scene.”

It probably won’t feature Deadpool

As for what will be shown, we have no clue. There was a rumor about Deadpool making a brief appearance, but that report was immediately shot down.

Realistically, it will likely have to do with X-23 (aka Laura), who is reportedly being passed the torch from Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman, as the actor said he no longer wishes to play the role.

We’ll find out when Logan hits theaters March 3.