IP-based home security/automation systems aren't so much a dream as a cool, somewhat still experimental novelty. Sure, we have the technology — we've had it for quite some time — but it hasn't quite caught on with the mainstream yet.

Enter Lockitron. This new product is designed to hug your deadbolt in a cozy bit of tech-tastic goodness, giving itself up to a wireless "open sez me" via smartphone app and Wi-Fi.

This version is impressive. At one time, the product involved replacing the whole lock and handle, but this one fits right over existing hardware, so even non handy types can make this work. It's a smart idea for renters who sub-lease, AirBnB hosts or others with temporary or changing security needs.

Sure, it can unlock remotely, but the part that knocks my socks off is that it can even tell if someone knocks on your door — SUPER handy if you're out back or otherwise indisposed. Add the fact that it can unlock itself when you're at the door, thanks to Bluetooth 4.0, and its handiness expands exponentially.

The only thing that concerns me is… well, what happens if someone hacks into your network? The prospect is more than a little disconcerting, but there's definitely a lot of promise with this implementation.

Interested? Preorders go for $149, payable when the device is available. The first 1,000 is slated for a March 2013 delivery date.

[Via MacRumors]