Loadout is the crazy, free-to-play, multiplayer shooter that let tasks players with building completely unique weaponry to use in battle.

So far, it's been a PvP effort entirely, with loads of giblets exploding in a competitive atmosphere.

With update 5.0, though, Loadout is getting a cooperative campaign mode. This PvE experience is teased in the trailer you see above, complete with crazy looking aliens ready to deal tons of destruction to our heroes.

Beta sign-ups will start soon, but the official blog announcing the news includes some tidbits regarding what to expect when this campaign mode goes live.

The Loadout universe is expanding, and the teaser trailer is just a part of what you can expect from the update when it launches. We know you really want details , so here's a brief synopsis of what is to come:

– Fight the mysterious invaders with up to three of your friends in the new Campaign mode through many missions that will test your teamwork, strategy and quick thinking.
– Grab rare loot in-game to craft your favorite weapons of mass destruction. – Organize your stash of weapon parts and equipment in the new Inventory system.

Sounds pretty cool to me.

If you play the game regularly and are able to get into the beta, you'll get a fancy Alien Brain Scan Deflector (Tin Foil Hat) for your character. Sweet.