Apple’s App Store approval process is as seemingly as random as they come.  We see applications successfully make their way through the approval jungle, only to be removed days, weeks, or months afterwards.  While there are certain criteria Apple prevents,ustreamlive we can now cross video streaming off that list.

Late last month, a developer emailed Steve Jobs regarding the rejection of their live video streaming application, Knocking Live Video.  The cause for the rejection was due to the application referencing of a private API to enable its live video streaming.  Days later, the developer received a call from an Apple executive who spoke of an order to reverse the application’s rejection ‘directly from the top’.  Knocking Live Video became the first application to stream live video from the iPhone.  Yesterday, Apple approved the second application – arguably a more popular one – that allows users to stream video to the ever-popular Ustream.  The Ustream Live Broadcaster is now live in the iTunes App Store.  Qik has already caught wind of the policy change and submitted an updated version of their application that supports live video streaming.  That application is awaiting approval.

Until these changes, only previously recorded video was capable of mobile uploading from applications like Ustream and Qik.  The approval of Ustream’s Live Broadcaster application seemingly cements Apple’s new policy to allow broadcasting live video from the device.  Even more strange, Apple went from a complete ban on live video broadcasting to allowing full-on streaming over 3G networks.  No matter the method, we hope these applications are here to stay.

Will you find frequent use of the increasing catalog of video streaming apps?  Do you think Apple will continue to publish these applications in the App Store or will we have another Google Voice fiasco?  Will this prevent future cancellations of TechnoBuffalo Live?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

[Via ArsTechnica & TechCrunch]