First up, it’s not just TVs getting the Google TV treatment, but also a Blu-ray player.  So, if you’re hankering for some Google TV in your life, brought to by you Sony, you aren’t going to have to change television sets to do it.  Both items will feature “always on” Internet and will feature remotes with built-in keyboards.


There will be four different TV models ranging in size from 24-inches to 46-inches, priced at $599 to $1399. The Blu-ray player will set you back $399. All of the hardware is running on Intel Atom processors with 8GBs of storage.

The remote took design cues from the Playstation 3 controller with mouse functionality built into it. You will also be able to do all of your normal remote functions from it, and be able to control your DVR from it just as you can with standard Google TV.

It will use Google’s Chrome browser and will feature a full comprehensive universal search of both your DVR and the Web.

Apps will be fully supported, and it will be fully open for developers, but there will be no developer SDK until some time next year. Qriocity, Sony’s online store/community will have video, movies, TV shows and music that you can purchase.

Pre-orders can be placed now, and you will be able to view everything in the Sony stores this coming weekend. Best Buy’s will have them on Oct. 24th.


Commercial time.


Here’s the remote in Jonathan’s hand.


The 24-inch version will be standard LCD while all of the other units will be LED screens.

The will be support for full Flash 10.1, but don’t get your hopes up yet, Google and Hulu are still in talks. There will be Netflix Watch Instantly support at launch, however.

One last pic, and that looks to be about it.


The TVs and Blu-ray all have 8GBs of storage that users can access so that you can pause and record live TV.

Here’s the Blu-ray player.


And all of the TVs lined up for you.


More in-depth coverage of the TV sets to come!