Emily's Apple lineWhat would an Apple release be without a liveblog from the line outside the store? Right?

I’m coming to you live from the iPad 2 line in Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, NC. Bringing you all the latest from the mall floor. This is my local Apple Store, and is where I waited in line to buy the original iPhone (after 8 hours in line and one epic game of Monopoly). Not a bad place to wait in line.

My Apple Store is inside a mall, so they have a line roped off on the side of concourse across from the store where people are lined up (you can see the Apple store in the top right of this fancy picture from my spot). My 2:30pm arrival has put me at the very front of the second stretch of line. First stretch has maybe 50 people in it? This is looking pretty good.

Are any of you reading TechnoBuffalo from the iPad 2 line in your town? Send us a picture and we’ll post it in a gallery below!

2:45 For those of you about to scream “Fangrrl” on this post (you know who you are), I thought I would take a picture of what I’m blogging from this fine afternoon: HP Mini 1000. Pretty solid netbook, SSD hard drive, 99% keyboard…perfect for those times you find yourself in a shopping mall for several hours and want to blog.

2:50 Apple employee just walked down the line counting very loudly. He yelled “8” at me…not sure what that means. From my eavesdropping it sounds like the line here is at 116.

3pm: Just made friends with a mall cop. He says that the Apple store is going to stay open during the launch for regular customers, and that iPad 2 customers in the line are going to get tickets that allow them to buy an iPad. Smells like disaster.

3:15  So, in a conversation with Sean over IM a few minutes ago I realized I haven’t actually made a plan for what I plan to buy come 5pm. Original plan was a black 16GB Wi-Fi version….but I’m thinking about getting a 3G. I probably wouldn’t use the 3G that much, and I have hotspot functionality on my phone. Will I be using this thing places I am without my phone? Do I go places without my phone?

3:20 Just got run over by a small race car stroller. I probably shouldn’t be sitting on the floor.

3:45 The Line is MUCH longer now.  People are wrapped all the way down my little section of mall, and looping around back towards the store. Maybe 150 people behind me? I just saw a plastic firetruck stroller moving on the other side of the line…kind of afraid.

4pm: Apple employees just walked the line asking us all what we wanted. Employees said they were comparing people vs. stock so they could potentially let people know what they want won’t be available when they get to the front of the line. That’s nice. Also indicates there’s not an endless supply of these.

4:15pm Line has almost looped back to the Apple Store. This was a poorly planned line.

4:40pm: Line has now passed the Apple Store. Dude in non-Apple garb is passing out SmartWater. Some little girl just walked the line repeatedly yelling “O.M.G! O.M.G!” …O.M.G indeed little girl.

4:55pm: 5 more minutes! There are at least 7 police officers in my general vicinity. Line is moving forward (I’m 3 stores closer to the front now!).

Emily's Apple Ticket4:56pm: Just noticed the Apple Store is closed, and they blacked out the windows. My security guard buddy lied to me!

5:01pm: Apple employees just ran the line passing out High 5s and tickets!

5:15pm: New window display is giant Smart Covers. Hadn’t thought of that. Do I want a cover? Good thing this line is moving slooooooow and I have time to think about it.

5:39pm: Apple employee is walking the line with an iPhone checking our requests against stock. Maybe running out of things? At least 300 people behind me now.

5:50pm: So close…

6:01pm: Success! Stay tuned for pictures etc. later today!