This past weekend I once again headed out to explore the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2 for short). I've been attending for around eight years now and it's been amazing to watch the cosplay scene grow, especially with ReedPop hosting the Crown Championships of Cosplay. You'll find everything from your typical super heroes to wild and wacky mashups. One minute you'll be admiring an amazing gown, the next you're stunned by armor that was made from craft foam.

I have to say I was impressed with the wide range of cosplay I came across this year. I saw a number of group costumes which was fantastic. As someone who's tried to plan her own group cosplays, I know how hard it can be to get everyone on the same page.

One thing I've come to love is that C2E2 offers a Cosplay Central area on the con floor. It's a space where cosplayers can find backgrounds for photos, attend panels, and even stop by a booth for quick costume fixes. They even offered an amazing photo booth where you could have some high quality photos of your costume taken for free. The space is taken seriously with sponsors ranging from Singer to Dremel. It's a nice spot to hangout if you're looking to grab some photos or learn more about the craft!

While it's impossible to catch them all, here's just a few of the amazing costumes I came across while wandering the convention floor. If you're interested in attending C2E2, the event dates for 2020 are February 28th-March 1st!