iPhone 5 Liquidmetal Featured

Rumors have already surfaced suggesting that Apple may develop its next generation iPhone (which we’re still calling the iPhone 5) out of a new Liquidmetal material that will allow the device to be extra thin, yet super strong. One digital artist has taken to the drawing board to create a render of what such a device might look like, and we’re floored by its beauty. Antoine Brieux, a french designer, created the above concept of the Liquidmetal alloy iPhone. The glossy finish reminds us a bit of the plastic used on the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS, but with Liquidmetal the new iPhone would be much stronger than its predecessors when it comes to drops and bumps. Hopefully we’ll see something like this come to fruition, Apple does allegedly have an exclusive deal with Liquidmetal, after all.

Liquidmetal iPhone 5 Gallery

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