Power Rangers

We're cautiously optimistic about the upcoming Power Rangers reboot; while we're still baffled by Rita Repulsa's new look, the Iron Man-inspired suits look awesome, and like a natural upgrade for a new generation. Turns out, Lionsgate isn't just optimistic, but supremely confident the property can turn into an entire series of new movies. We won't just get one Power Rangers, but seven.

While speaking to analysts this week, Lionsgate noted how excited it was to bring Power Rangers to a new audience, trumpeting it as its next big franchise now that The Hunger Games has come to an end. As such, it's looking toward the long term by potentially creating up to seven Power Rangers movies, which seems preposterous to me when we don't even know if the upcoming reboot will even be any good.

The show had longevity because it was constantly refreshed and rebooted so it always felt new. It would be quite the undertaking to do seven movies with the same rangers and same enemies, etc. However, if the Fast & Furious franchise can go on for seven movies (there's an eighth coming soon), why not Power Rangers?