LinkedIn has always aimed to connect its 200 million users with each other, and now its finetuning that approach with a new unified search tool that makes professional content easier to find.

There’s now a single search box at the top of the page that begins pulling up suggestions as you type. The results — which are sorted by category — can change dynamically as you add more characters/words to your query. Looking for a person? A group? A job or a company? It’s all in one place now, so you don’t have to make separate queries in different areas of the site. And the more you use it, the more the search tool learns, so the suggestions should improve over time.


Not that it isn’t already plenty smart on its own. The algorithms factor in who you are, who’s in your network and what these contacts do on the site. For example, a generic query like “product manager” can mean different things to different people, and so results would vary from one user to the next.

Along with this pleasant change is an easier, more refined advanced search option, as well as auto alerts for saved search terms.

The new search features are live, so to give them a whirl, click here to head to the site.