Earlier this month, popular Android browser Link Bubble was scooped up by a mysterious new startup. Since then the unique bubble-based browser has received regular small updates, but this week the company announced its biggest news yet.

Link Bubble is now free. Previously, you could try out the free version before upgrading to Link Bubble Pro for a few bucks. Now the main app is getting an update to include all the Pro features. If you paid for Link Bubble after it was acquired on August 4, you can email the company ([email protected]) to receive a refund.

The new update means you can open an infinite number of bubble links, pick from different themes and try Article mode on your phone or Android Wear device for free. Since the acquisition, Link Bubble has also introduced a Material Design refresh, colored toolbars, custom domain redirects, support for drop down elements and more.

The app was purchased by Brian Bondy through an unnamed new startup, who announced the news on his personal blog this week. Bondy is a professional software developer who previously worked at Mozilla and Khan Academy before he launched his own company and purchased Link Bubble. He notes that even more features are coming soon.

The decision to make Link Bubble free seems pretty great, and it should help the company build up its user base quickly. We’re a little worried this could lead to in-app purchases and other freemium gimmicks in the future, though for now this is definitely good news.