You know what? I don’t parry enough in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I can dodge with relative consistency, but parrying is lost on me as I far too often forget to do it.

Videos like this one, though, convince me that I should get better at parrying. A lot better. Watch as YouTuber GirKart64 gets super far away from a gimped Guardian, fires an arrow at it and then parries his way to victory.

I need to get better at parrying!

I’m over here struggling to dodge Guardian shots when I should be parrying them. Clearly, I’m some kind of loser in Breath of the Wild. I need to fix this disparity in what I see on YouTube and what I can actually do in the game.

Breath of the Wild packs some pretty compelling mechanics. Which do you feel you habitually underutilize? Aside from parrying, I constantly forget that Link has the ability to freeze pillars of ice in water. That’s especially frustrating when shrines rely on it.