Japanese chat app LINE is already spreading through Asia like wildfire with well over 250 million downloads at this point. In fact, the chat app is so popular that 50 million users have even gone and downloaded the dedicated camera app.

When sending pictures and images through chat windows, LINE’s camera allows easy photo manipulation with lighting and colors, and can even insert the popular mascot stickers into photo’s for extra comic relief.

If you are not satisfied with how your face looks, you can even adjust the size of your head, color of your eyes, shape of your nose, and even the volume of your bust, if the icons in the provided screenshot are correct.

In Japan, bright colors and photo manipulation are common practice in “purikura” booths, photo booths which make users look like teenagers thanks to overexposed lenses. Again, see the provided screenshot of the less attractive person for an example. They are a huge source of revenue for arcade companies like SEGA, Namco and Taito by luring young women who aren’t especially into the games themselves into their establishments.

It’s a fun experience that a smartphone can’t really replicate, but with the rise of LINE and its just as capable camera app, who knows what kind of effect this will have on the arcade industry. 400 yen for six pictures with your friends and 315 yen to download the entire set is a lot of money. LINE is free.

The app even has its own online animated series on YouTube, some episodes scoring over 1,000,000 views. Check out an episode below.