Lacey Jonas

Lindsay Lohan threatened to sue Rockstar for using her likeness in Grand Theft Auto V, and now that it has made over a bajillion dollars, she has followed through on that threat.

Lohan’s lawyers filed a lawsuit in Manhattan this week against Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games, alleging that the video game firms used “her image, likeness, clothing, outfits, clothing line products, ensemble in the form of hats, hair style, sunglasses” when creating the character Lacey Jonas, seen above, without her permission.

Lindsay Lohan

I’m not seeing the likeness part of it at all, but as with Hollywood stars, everything has to be about them, so naturally, Lohan does. Maybe not just in the looks department alone, but also in the context of the character. In Grand Theft Auto V, players stumble across Jonas while escorting her away from high speed chases with paparazzi. The character also suffers from an eating disorder and even resides at an in-game hotel inspired by the actual hotel Lohan once lived at.

Does Jonas’ last name also imply a little bit of a Disney origin there as well?

Lest we forget though, Grand Theft Auto V is a source of satire and commentary on our society, in which yes, young starlet actresses behave just as Lacey Jonas does. Regardless if Lohan, or any other the other interchangeable actresses of her age, were used for the inspiration of this character, the satire remains protected under First Amendment laws and most likely won’t reach a court floor.

We’ll have to wait and see though if a judge buys that or not.