Lincoln this week unveiled the new hybrid Aviator at the 2019 New York International Auto Show. Only it is not the official car that will enter mass production. It’s more of a showcase for the type of cars Lincoln will release in the future. Lincoln is calling it a “teaser model.”

Like other carmakers, Lincoln is trying to adopt features and designs that appeal to consumers. That means putting an extra emphasis on fuel efficiency and infusing the interior with all kinds of tech.

“We believe Aviator’s elegant design, state-of-the-art technology and refined plug-in option will draw even more clients to the Lincoln showroom, including families who are looking for three row capabilities,” stated Lincoln Motor Company president Joy Folotico.

Remaking the Aviator part electric is part of Ford’s massive $11 billion investment into electric options. That includes EVs, hybrids and plug-in hybrids. Thus the plug-in hybrid Aviator. It will also be available in a twin-turbocharged powertrain along with the plug-in hybrid option. That should acquiesce fans who want more power out of their three-row SUV. The engine options will deliver power to the rear-wheel-drive system.

We have to give Lincoln credit; the new Aviator is a looker. The final production might be tweaked somewhat by the time it makes its way to dealers, but even slight refinements won’t change its stunning design. The front end dons the signature Lincoln grill, complete with high-gloss black and chrome accents that are sure to catch pedestrians’ attention.

Lincoln went all out in equipping the interior with technology. One of the coolest options is the elimination of a key. Drivers can now do just about everything through their smartphone: lock, unlock, open the trunk and start and drive the car.

Lincoln did not specify when the new Aviator will be available or how much it’ll cost, but it can’t get here soon enough. We’d sure like to drive it around and see exactly what it can do.