Motorola already offers plenty of customization options for the Moto X Pure with Moto Maker, but what about something a bit more limited? That’s going to be an option soon, thanks to a partnership between Motorola and designer Jonathan Adler. Three new designs crafted by Adler will be available right in time for the holidays.

Motorola didn’t dive too much into the new back panels that Adler created, or what makes them so special, but they do certainly look unique. One appears to have a gray/blue hue, while the other two have more of a purple and white look.


They almost look like the kind of patterns you’d find on a bedspread, or maybe designer pillows at your grandma’s house (this does appear to be Adler’s forte, after all) and not on a phone, but I guess there’s a bunch of people who are down with what Adler is bringing to the table.

The new Moto X Pure phones with the Jonathan Adler designs will be up for pre-order beginning November 24 for $474.99 with 32GB of storage. The phones will officially go on sale beginning December 3.