Samsung has been teasing a limited edition Iron Man version of the Galaxy S6 Edge, and it recently revealed everything we need to know about the special device. As you’ll see in the gallery above, it’s decked out in Iron Man red and gold, and even ships with a special themed wireless charging puck.

All of the hardware remains the same as what you’ll find from the standard model, and this version ships with 64GB of storage. You’ll note the Avengers software theme, which should also be available to everyone through the theme store, though it doesn’t look as polished as the rest of the phone does, with its sharp gold accents and deep red hue. Collectors will also appreciate the special box it ships in, which includes all of the essentials but also features the gold Iron Man helmet.

The limited edition Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge goes on sale in South Korea on Wednesday, followed by launches in Hong Kong and China next month. There’s no word if it will ever hit the U.S., unfortunately.