BlackBerry recently started selling its limited edition gold and black BlackBerry Passport, but the device is already sold out. The company’s new limited edition model shipped with the production number, a limited edition engraving and a special soft calf leather cover from Valextra. It also featured a gold-colored (not real gold, sorry folks) stainless steel frame and detailing around the edges.

The device was listed for sale for $899 in the United States or $999 in Canada, and BlackBerry allowed customers to purchase as many as three units in a single order. Unfortunately, the company decided to really emphasize the “limited edition” tag on the phone, and only made 50 available for purchase. As we noted earlier, all of those have already been claimed and BlackBerry’s website currently says the phone is “out of stock.”

We suspect you’ll be able to find one on eBay in the coming days or weeks, though we also expect that it’s going to cost you much more than the $899 retail price.