If there’s one thing you can say about the DROID Turbo’s design, it’s that it’s functional. While it’s no Galaxy S6 or HTC One M9, the phone was clearly aimed at users looking for a more durable handset, one that could withstand some roughhousing while still maintaining a utilitarian look. And while the black has a really neat stealth appeal, wouldn’t it be nice if the Turbo had a bit of personality?

Verizon on Tuesday announced the DROID Turbo will be offered in three new options, so, yes, now it isn’t quite as robotic. The same gray ballistic nylon remains, though the accent colors have been tweaked slightly to give the efficient Turbo design more style. Starting May 28, you’ll be able to pick the Motorola handset up with a blue, orange or violent accent. As you can see in the picture below, the accent colors don’t add that much to the device’s style, but it’s better than nothing.

Although the DROID Turbo is still stuck with Android 4.4 KitKat, the device is expected to jump straight to Android 5.1 in the near future. Once it does, it’ll make what is one of the most functional and dependable devices that much better. If you’re unimpressed by the delicate flagships that have come out these past few months, perhaps the Turbo’s durability and high-end specs will fit the bill.