Now that Limbo has released on every major platform available, we suppose this whole thing is water under the bridge. However, for PlayStation 3 gamers looking back on 2010 and wondering why they weren't given a shot with Playdead's creepy, puzzle-solving affair, well, this is it.

Sony was in discussions with Playdead regarding the release of Limbo exclusively on the PlayStation Network. Sony Computer Entertainment Executive Producer Pete Smith spoke about it at the Developer's Conference last week, according to EDGE.

During their talks with Playdead for the publication of Limbo, Sony worked towards retaining the IP rights for the game. That meant Playdead's title would release exclusively on the PlayStation Network and never see the light of day on any other platform. Playdead, apparently, wouldn't have it. That's when they went to Microsoft and arranged a deal.

Limbo was once exclusive to the Xbox 360; however, a year later, it was released for the PlayStation 3 and PC. Obviously, Microsoft's agreement did not include the rights to Playdead's IP.

[via EDGE]