LIMBO attracted a lot of fans after being a surprise indie-hit on XBLA back in 2010. Fans who still can't get enough of murdering that poor faceless kid over and over again can pick up the physical release Special Edition today from Amazon.

Copenhagen based developer Playdead has stated that this Special Edition is "one for the fans" who put them on the map. Inside the gorgeous black and white box comes a DRM-free version of the spooky 2D platformer, the stand-alone soundtrack from Martin Stig Andersen, seven art cards, a sticker of the boy's head, a pair of 3D glasses fo the game's new 3D option, and a Steam key to register the version through Valve's platform.

LIMBO was released in 2010 during Microsoft's Xbox Live Summer of Arcade campaign to a swarm of glowing reviews. By the end of the year, the title wrapped up over 100 video game nominations, including Best Video Game from the BAFTA Video Game Awards. LIMBO jumped to just about every available gaming platform after its success and eventually brought in over $7.5 million in revenue to Playdead, allowing them the buy themselves out from their investors.

The LIMBO Special Edition will cost $24.99 from, slightly more expensive than the downloadable version of the game found through most digital distribution sites. However, Playdead is mostly likely looking to fund their upcoming mystery game Project 2, the "spiritual successor" to LIMBO, and the $25 from each purchased copy of the game shouldn't hurt their cash flow too much.

[via Playdead]