Limbo was initially an Xbox LIVE Arcade exclusive developed by Playdead, an independent team from Copenhagen, Denmark. When the game first dropped last spring for the Xbox 360, the team was nearly overwhelmed with praise from journalists, critics and consumers.

All at once, Limbo was challenging, beautiful, haunting and simplistic. While the title may have been dinged for its exceptionally short campaign length (clocking in at three to six hours, depending on the player) and its $15 entry point, universal acclaim earned it enough right to capture Downloadable Game of the Year awards from several outlets.

Now, more than a year after its initial release, Limbo ports have been confirmed for both the PlayStation 3's PlayStation Network and Valve's Steam platform. The company handling the ports is Playdead, the team that developed the game in the first place.

The confirmation of this news came to Joystiq as Playdead CEO and Co-founder Dino Patti indicated that the title would be releasing "very soon." While far from pinpointing an actual date, given the logistics and nature of the downloadable markets this could literally mean within the next month. Patti told Joystiq that more solid and tangible details will be surfacing shortly.

Limbo is a dark and mysterious game centered around a little boys odd quest to catch his sister. This 2D sidescroller features constant death and a trial-and-error set of play mechanics that force users to learn from their mistakes in order to pass puzzles and obstacles. The plot is obscured by the graphical presentation, the characters, the enemies and the absence of dialogue.

More than that for some fans, Limbo has become a great title to bring up whenever conversation floats towards the "video games are art" debate. As far as the gaming medium goes, Limbo is definitely one of the more artistic entries to be enjoyed.

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