Sony and Playdead have announced that LIMBO, a black and white effort through the space between life and death, will soon release for the PS Vita. How soon?

Well, the game was announced this morning, and it’s set to hit the PS Vita next week on June 4th. It will sell for $14.99. That’s super soon, isn’t it? LIMBO, once exclusive to the Xbox LIVE Arcade, has now released on the PC, PlayStation 3, Mac, OnLive and, soon enough, PS Vita.

Which, hey, is great news for the game, its followers and Playdead (its original creators). For Microsoft? Not so much. Most of its biggest indie exclusives have moved to other platforms. That history dictates the future for the company and its platforms. When is an Xbox exclusive really an Xbox exclusive? This is something both Ron and I grappled with when drafting our 10 favorite Xbox 360 exclusives.

If you’ve somehow skipped out on LIMBO all these years and you own a PS Vita, news of this game’s coming is wonderful for you. Snag it when it drops, and I bet you’ll really love it. It’s dark, it’s sad and it’s tough, but it’s a solid game.