Three things you need to know if you missed yesterday’s NBA All-Star Game:

1. Kevin Durant took home the MVP trophy while leading the West to a 152-149 victory in a game that set all sorts of records, including Kobe Bryant passing MJ as the all-time leading scorer in All-Star history. Bryant also got himself a broken nose during the game.

2. I watched the game on TNT’s website, since I no longer pay for cable. TNT uses some very, very weird camera angles on their webcasts.

3. Li’l Wayne sat courtside at the game with a pair of diamond-encrusted Beats by Dr Dre earphones on over a baseball cap. The cans are actually a collaboration between Beats and Graff Diamonds, and may be the same pair Sky Blue of LMFAO wore during the Super Bowl halftime show. The Super Bowl Beats were said to feature some 114 carats worth of a musician’s best friend, making them worth somewhere north of $1,000,000.

I’ve long been a fan of in-the-ear canalphones myself, but lately I’ve been missing the full on shut-the-world-out experience that only a good ol’ pair of cans can deliver. But I dunno, a million dollars’ worth of diamonds on my headphones might be a little more bling than I can handle. What say you?

[Via: ChipChick]