These last few days, we've seen a few fakes of what the next generation iphone may have in store.  When it launches this summer, we know what to expect on the software side of things but some of the hardware shouldn't be that difficult to predict, should it?  Here's what I expect to see inside the iPhone HD.

hdscreenHD Screen

Sure, we don't know for certain if the new iPhone will be given the 'HD' blessing but whispers have already begun floating around from the same source that predicted the 3GS.  John Gruber follows up with his own sources claiming double pixel density from a pitiful 480 x 320 resolution  to a higher 920 x 640. The Nexus One sports a 252 pixels per inch (ppi), the HD2 a lower 217 ppi, while the next iPhone with the rumored display would reach a crazy 326 ppi.  HD, yes please!

Front Facing Camera

Since the release of the iPad SDK, a number of video chatting references have been discovered that suggest the inclusion of a front facing camera in future hardware revisions.  In February, video chat 'accept' and 'decline' icons similar to those found on the desktop iChat client were found within the developer SDK and later removed by Apple in it's next beta release.  The release of 4.0 beta has brought with it more references to the inclusion of iChat, strengthening the possibility of video chat and the front facing camera.

A4 SoC

The iPad housed the first of what will probably be many custom designed silicon for their mobile devices, the A4 system on a chip.  Clocked at 1GHz, Apple's A4 chip allows for super fast software performance while consuming very little battery life in the process.  Ignoring the applea4excessive battery capacity in the iPad, the rest of its internals have been reported as being able to fit inside a smaller casing like the iPhone.  Expect the A4 to make an appearance in the iPhone HD.

Huge Battery

Every iteration of the iPhone has been met with battery complaints that don't live up to Apple's claims.  The MacBook lines run a similar route in that consistently meeting the battery claim requires some system tweaks.  The iPad was the first non-iPod whose battery life claims could be easily met or exceeded without any effort on the user's end.  The newest MacBook Pro refresh proves Apple's emphasis for battery life maximization.  Expect the newest iPhone to be packing some seriously long battery life, especially with the A4 processor.

What do you think we'll be seeing in the hardware of the iPhone this year?  Leave your ideas in the comments.