It's simple math, really. If you fancy yourself a fan of chess and Street Fighter, then this 25th anniversary, special collector's edition chess set is a no-brainer.

Of course, the $300 price tag might add some salt to the open wound of want.

Sure, it's pricey, but the genuine nature of being a collector of all things extravagant is swallowing harsh price tags. The Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Chess Set will feature silver and pewter pieces, a glass top, a wooden base with built-in storage and the following roster of fighters:

Ryu & M. Bison (kings), Chun-Li & Juri (queens), Ken, Guile, Balrog & Vega (bishops), E. Honda, Blanka, Rolento & Akuma (knights), Dhalsim, Zangief, Sagat & Seth (rooks), Ryu's fist & Shadaloo winged skull (pawns)

I'll personally be resisting this purchase, but, man, it's giving me an epic itch.

You can pre-order the set from Capcom's online store. It's planned to release in August of this year.

[via Siliconera]