You and I both know that there’s nothing lingering in the dark. But movies like Lights Out, about a terrifying entity that thrives on darkness, always leave me with doubts. Now, my electricity bill is about to go way because I refuse to turn off the hallway light.

Based on a 2013 short film of the same name, Lights Out follows a young boy who finds himself being stalked by a spirit that’s only visible in the dark. Judging by the few trailers that have been released, this might the next great horror flick. Of course, The Conjuring 2 has already spooked audiences worldwide, but early feedback on Lights Out has thus far been positive, so we’ll see.

The above pictures don’t show the mysterious spirit at the center of the movie (unless you count her hand), although they do show plenty of powerful horror and moody lighting. My heart is racing just thinking about what might happen. That’s the worst part; you know nothing is actually there, but your imagination can’t help but come up with the worst case scenario.

The next time you lay quietly with the lights off, ask yourself this: are you sure there’s nobody hiding in the dark? Lights Out hits theaters on July 22.