ffeV2Final Fantasy XIII‘s female protagonist Lightning has not received the critical reception Square Enix was hoping for, but boy oh boy are they still trying.

What could it possibly be about this character that the gaming community has firmly rejected? Could it be her bland personality, her dumb name, her lack of charm, charisma or character? Or could it possibly be that gamers just finally had enough of her after one game?

Nope! Square Enix seems to think that problem is with her clothes. A Famitsu scan has hit the internet that reveals a much darker clad rendition of the character. The Final Fantasy XIII development team promised to take another look at the character from the ground up in her next game, Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII, but if her gothic get-up is the first step to redefining her personality, she could possibly become an even more reserved and detached sentient being from the civilized world.

Black is the new white with this outfit, which heavily channels earlier Final Fantasy Dark Knight character designs. Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII will supposedly be a much darker game, one where Lightning finds herself far in the future, her friends deceased for centuries, and herself struggling against an apocalyptic countdown which will ruin civilization.

With the world on the brink of destruction and the situation morbid, does Lightning really need to change or will the situation morph to meet her character? Regardless, I think I am with most of the free world when we ask “Where is Final Fantasy XV?”