Square Enix will finally be bringing Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII to Steam on Dec. 10, closing out a re-release effort that served its purpose of solidifying the PC as a future home for the popular franchise.

The game will cost $19.99 at launch, and it will support most of the DLC costumes that were released with the console version. Favorites like the Tomb Raider Lara Croft and Final Fantasy VII Cloud outfits will be available for a side purchase, while the Aeris costume from Final Fantasy VII is the only one that did not make the cut.

This PC version will also run at 60fps, and my guess is that Square Enix has not capped its resolution either, cranking out at solid 1080p. The press release doesn’t mention anything about resolution, but I doubt the company wants the same negative press that the first game got when it maxed out at 720p and fans modded it within days.

With Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII out of the way, we can finally start to focus on Final Fantasy XV being ported to the PC. So, Square Enix, when is that going to happen… because we all know it will at this point.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will launch for the PC on Dec. 10 through Steam.