The cycle will soon be complete. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII remains the sole entry of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy that hasn’t been ported to the PC, and Square Enix claims that it should be happening before the year is out. And I mean, right before the year is out, like Decemberish.

Longtime franchise Producer Kitase Yoshinori has spoken out about the release date, claiming that the porting team is working on the “finishing touches.” The December launch should be a reality if all goes according to plan.

Of course, the original plan was to have all these games out by the spring or autumn at the latest. Hiccups happen, though, and Square Enix probably wanted to take more caution after releasing Final Fantasy XIII without 1080p resolution support.

Just think about it! Once this is released… we’ll never have to hear from Final Fantasy XIII again! At least, until Square Enix starts prepping that inevitable PlayStation 4 bundle.