Life is Strange is an episodic game from Dontnod that’s being published by Square Enix. It snuck up practically out of nowhere, to be honest, and its first episode wound up being absolutely fantastic. The second episode? It’s been delayed.

The word of the delay comes from Square Enix as they spoke with Destructoid. Originally set to release in March, episode two no longer has a release date. Hopefully it isn’t far off.

I reviewed the game for TechnoBuffalo, recommending that gamers pick it up. In that review, I offered this about the release pacing.

This complaint may as well be a backhanded compliment, but I think Dontnod and Square Enix are forcing users to wait a touch too long for more episodes. The next is slated to release in March of this year. The word I’ve heard is six weeks from now.

I won’t remember every minute choice I made six weeks from now. Heck, if some of these choices don’t have consequences until episodes four or five, I won’t remember those at all. No chance.

I appreciate the idea of episodic gaming and narrative choice, but the spacing between releases seems a bit to stretched for Life is Strange. I want more of it now, and that certainly is a piece of high praise, but I’m just worried how time will affect this tale.

I stick by all that, too. The first step for Life is Strange was so unique and compelling that gamers like myself were instantly hooked. Now, Dontnod needs more time. I get it, I want the game to be good rather than bugged.

However. Those who bought the season pass might be upset that they need to wait even longer for their adventure to continue. I want this to be a good game. Really. It’s just that when developers delay releases of episodic content, it makes me want to wait until the entire thing’s over in order to get it all at once.

That’s sort of counter to their model, isn’t it?