Despite sounding a bit grim and defeated in the face of so many Kickstarter delays and cancellations over the weekend, there are still plenty of projects out there that have overshot their release date and don’t come off as shady, suspicious, or poorly managed. They are small games that, while taking a while, are making progress with each update, showing off periodical improvements and re-surging confidence each time they make contact.

Liege is one such game. I’ve covered it from time to time, and it was one of the first Kickstarter games I backed when I was starry-eyed and thought crowdfunding had all the world’s answers. I originally took it as a splice between Fire Emblem and Suikoden, two franchises I love, and a brand new gameplay video shows I’m not altogether wrong on this.

Honestly, I don’t quite know what I’m looking at here, but it’s clearly a game that will be right up my alley once I learn its intricacies. Our characters have action points and hit points, and they are assigned dodges and attacks in the face of enemies who ambush them. The leading point-man of the group is able to swipe away two enemies with a single stroke of his sword, and then bull-charge the leader, killing him as well.


All around him, his partners are able to take on a single foe each, and they perform magnificently with their tasks.

One turn of grid assignments, that’s all it takes! My guess is that enemies will be a bit smarter than this as the game progresses, but even so, Liege once again has my eyes as it always seems to do whenever John Rhee gets around to an update. The world’s art looks wonderful, his character animations have improved leaps and bounds from a year ago, and yeah, this is still up there with Hyper Light Drifter as one of my “must have” Kickstarter backed games.

It’s not as well known, but it’s a game that looks catered right to my tastes.

Rhee is doing well despite the delays. He delivers content in his updates, responds to criticisms, takes his game to shows and judges responses, and works with his community. Some are incapable of doing these important steps, and he’s working on this game almost entirely as a one-man show. Yeah, Liege is taking a while to make, but all that time seems worth it. I can’t wait to try it, and I’m curious how it will look on the Vita.

Updates like these make me thrilled Kickstarter is a thing.