Usually when Eurogamer's Digital Foundry takes a look at a game, comparing it across consoles and PC, they're splitting hairs. Framerates vary by single digits, resolutions are sometimes hard to pin down. One game is darker than the other by a shade, but owners of one don't have much to hold over the other.

That's definitely not the case with Lichdom: Battlemage. Despite the game performing swimmingly on PC, its console release is criminally unplayable. The team does a sharp breakdown that tears the game to pieces. The video above describes the game as the "worst performing game we've ever tested," and when the game is in motion, it's hard to argue.

Games like Dark Souls have their rough patches, with that game's Blighttown being a commonly referenced area. Lichdom: Battlemage is like Blighttown, except it's the whole game. To add insult to injury, the game's tutorial videos seem to have been taken from the PC version, and look ultra-smooth, showing what could've been, instead the chugging framerate of the existing version.

The developer is said to be working on patches, but this is clearly one to hold off on. If you have a PC capable of playing games, the original can be found, and Digital Foundry says it's worth picking up. The console version, though, should be avoided at all costs.