We know that mobile devices can get pretty hot. We also know that most people tend to put their devices in their pockets (which is kind of a crazy combination of things, when you think about it). Over the years, there have been a number of reports about exploding gadgets firing off randomly in people's hands and pants. But knowing about it and seeing it are two different things — especially for this dude in Finland.

He didn't just see it — the device caught on fire and started smoking right in his dungarees. And unlike some of the previous exploding cell phone stories from years past, which always had some shroud of doubt hanging over them, this one has some pretty irrefutable proof: Security footage caught the phone giving this guy the hot-pants treatment.

You can't tell from viewing, but it's reportedly an iPhone 4S that's the culprit in this video, posted online on July 2. There are no other details available, other than the fact that YouTube user voaa says the incident actually took place months ago.

How do you think this happened? Was this the result of a damaged gadget after a period of abuse? A manufacturing/battery failure? Or was there something else in that pocket to blame for the combustion? We're taking theories in the comments section, so head on down there and deposit yours.

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