Free-to-play is rolling in so much dough that it can afford to purchase airtime slots during the Super Bowl! You don’t exactly see Nintendo or Square Enix doing that these days. Clash of Clans developer Supercell can even pony up to land mega Hollywood talent like Liam Neeson for what was easily the highlight of an otherwise depressing string of commercials.

Somewhere in between the toe-fungus, incoming blockbuster movies, and the child accident commercials, Liam Neeson channeled his inner Bryan Mills from the Taken series and promised revenge on the man who invaded him and destroyed his defenses. Pure advertising gold right here.

Woe also be unto that poor register worker for getting his name wrong.

When last we checked, Supercell was making nearly $700,000 a day through the popular free-to-play gaming app. Thanks to to unprecedented levels of cash flow like that, it’s easy to see how these success stories can afford such top-of-the-line advertising. I only wonder how much that flow is going to spike after this commercial.

Probably as not as big of a spike as this!

Gronkowski Spike