LG G Watch R 02

As if the reports from South Korean media weren't enough, LG on Tuesday said its G Watch R will be available in its native land starting Oct. 14. That's the good news. The bad news is that no final pricing was shared, nor was information regarding a release here in the U.S. (or other regions for that matter). Given how well received the Android Wear device was when it was unveiled last month, I wouldn't be surprised to see a wider release to follow shortly.

Like the Moto 360, the G Watch R has garnered a lot of attention for its design; the software, meanwhile, has seen a steady uptick in performance through updates, which can only mean the Android Wear experience will get better as Google puts more development into it.

Motorola's wearable has had a solid head start here in the U.S., so it might not be so easy for LG's new smartwatch to gain a following. The South Korean company already has a wearable out here in the states, and while it's not the worst smartwatch out there, it's unlikely to make many end of year Best Of lists. We'll see if the G Watch R changes that when it starts becoming available next week.