LG Watch Urbane-15

We’re used to smartphone-makers constantly outdoing each other with higher-resolution displays, better cameras and bigger batteries. Now it looks like the spec wars could be coming to your wrist as well, starting with a new smartwatch from LG.

Phandroid reports that LG’s next Android Wear device will sports a 480 x 480-pixel display that could give it a pixel density of roughly 340 to 400 pixels per inch (PPI). The current LG Watch Urbane comes in at 240 PPI. The Moto 360 offers just 205 PPI, and even the Apple Watch might look blurry by comparison at 326 PPI.

A higher-resolution smartwatch display could actually make a huge difference in everyday use. The screen should be much more readable as a result. LG could even fit more information into the display at once thanks to the crisper image.

If LG does raise the pixel count on its next wearable we have a feeling it won’t be long before another company decides to strike back. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Samsung offer a high-resolution screen on a future Tizen smartwatch. Apple might even up the PPI on future Watch models in response.

Of course, this is just a rumor for now, but it’s not very farfetched. At the rate LG is going it also won’t be long before the company reveals its next smartwatch, so we should know the truth pretty soon.