LG Watch Urbane-21

Last we heard, LG was bringing a brand new Android Wear device to Berlin this week for IFA. However, a new report claims the next-generation smartwatch won't arrive until late September, though it may be worth the wait.

A pair of "trusted sources" apparently showed the upcoming device to Android Police, though there aren't any leaked photos or even a name for now. The report notes that the new watch will still sport a round display, though with a different size screen and thinner bezels compared to LG's current model. The company has also apparently added two more physical buttons, placed on either side of the crown.

The overall style is also getting an upgrade. The new smartwatch will apparently incorporate a mix of brushed and polished metal. The result is a design that's "more angular and sharp," according to Android Police, which adds that it has a "futuristic, sporty look."

Unfortunately, we may not get a look at the rumored smartwatch until later this month, and there's no word on when the device will actually be released. In the meantime LG is offering a limited edition Watch Urbane Luxe with gold plating and an alligator leather band, though you're probably better of waiting for this next-gen model instead.