Earlier this week, Audi revealed what looked like variation of LG’s round-faced G Watch R. At the time we weren’t sure what to think of the mysterious new timepiece, but Android Central got to the heart of the story and broke news that it actually runs Open webOS.

A fresh batch of hands-on photos courtesy of The Verge reveal exactly what LG has been working on. This is a beautiful new smartwatch with a revitalized operating system that might even put Android Wear to shame.

The new smartwatch, as we learned from Android Central, runs what looks like a totally modified version of webOS, with a sleek ring of apps you scroll through like an old-fashioned rotary phone. That includes a calendar, microphone, music, phone (thanks to built-in cellular connectivity) and a special Audi app that unlocks your car using NFC. There’s also a slick settings menu that shows battery, signal strength and more while letting you control Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and screen brightness.

Unfortunately, there’s still no word on when LG’s WebOS smartwatch will actually hit the market. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the new device is available to purchase, though it’s also possible the watch could be tied directly to future Audi cars. Either way, we can’t wait to spend some time with LG’s latest wearable.